AW Cattery 

Traditional Siamese & Snowshoe cats

AW Cattery 

Traditional Siamese & Snowshoe cats



Need help? 

Look through the FAQ and see if any of them answers and questions you may have! If not feel free to get ahold of me! 

How often do you have litters? 

We have two litters a year. One in the spring/ summer and one in the fall/winter. 

Do prices very from colors and gender? 

No! Prices will always be the same no matter color or gender. Unless you are wanting breeding rights. 

Is there a waiting list? 

Yes. There might be a waiting list. 

Is there home visits? 

No! There will never be at home visits. Due to safety issues. If you are wanting to meet your kitten I will set up a time and place for you to be able to meet your kitten when the kitten is old enough to travel. We do offer FaceTime so you can see kitten in real time.